About the AEVA

The Alberta Equestrian Vaulting Association was created as a non-profit society in 2004 with three founding member clubs; twelve years of growth later, there are seven vaulting clubs in Alberta, all of which are active and competitive.

Our Mission statement is to promote and facilitate the sport of Equestrian Vaulting, for youth and adults, in both competition and as a recreational activity within the Province of Alberta.

Our aim is to provide information and education about Equestrian Vaulting to the general public as well as to provide training for new Coaches and upgrades for current Coaches.  Our guidelines for competitions are compatible with other Provinces and lead our vaulters towards competing at Provincial and National competitions that are sanctioned by our association and enjoyed by vaulters of all levels. Each year the AEVA hosts a minimum of two competitions, one in the late spring or early summer, and the Provincial Championships in September. Biannually the AEVA host the VaultCanada National Championships in even years.

The AEVA also has a High Point program in place to encourage vaulters at different levels to take pride in their achievements each year.