Certification for Vaulting Stewards

Qualifications for Vaulting Stewards in Canada

Equine Canada stewards (minimum Recorded 2) who are interested in adding vaulting to their credentials may apply to VaultCanada for certification as a vaulting steward.

A prospective vaulting steward must shadow at a minimum of one Equine Canada recognized bronze-silver-gold vaulting competition under the supervision of a certified VaultCanada vaulting steward.


A letter of application will be submitted electronically to VaultCanada. This is to include a resume of stewarding experience in other disciplines and any other relevant involvement in vaulting or other equestrian disciplines.

A recommendation is required from either a member of the VaultCanada Board, a member of the Board of a provincial vaulting association, a current Canadian vaulting judge or a current Canadian vaulting steward. This recommendation is to be submitted electronically to VaultCanada.

The VaultCanada Board, at its earliest convenience, will consider the application and notify the applicant of the decision.

To maintain certification a vaulting steward must steward at a minimum of one Equine Canada licensed vaulting competition every two years.