2014 New Website

Thank you for checking out our new website! This site's redesign is focused on helping you find what you are looking for faster and to update our tools to bring in more modern features for our data systems. However, we need to let you know where some things moved to, and we need your help!

Things have Moved

In order to streamline the process for athletes and parents to find what they are looking for, and in order to remove duplication of the same pages/information between provinces, much of the site has been narrowed to just four main pages for the repeat visitor:

  • News & Notices (found under the Info menu)
  • Rules & Resources (found under the Info menu)
  • Upcoming Events (found under the Events menu)
  • Competition Results (found under the Events menu)

All pages for events will be handled via the calendar application on the Upcoming Events page instead of having separate pages for the event and the calendar.

For the common pages shared by all the provinces, each page lists the differences between the provinces where needed, or offers separate explanations or downloads for each province. This was done for a number of reasons: to reduce duplication of work, help ensure that everything is up-to-date, and to make it easier for athletes and parents to find what they are looking for (since many do not have anyway of knowing which programs/aspects are provincial vs. national.)

The login form is not always visible like it was on the old site; there is now a login link on the Me menu. Once you are logged in, this Me menu will contain links to everything about your existing account. Please login and take a look around. If you lost your password and/or don't remember your username, there is a link to the Login Help page on the Login page itself.

Finally, note that this new website is completely mobile friendly: try it out on your phone and add it to your home screen / pin it to your start screen for easy access.

Help us fill the Picture Gallery

Please help us fill up the Picture Gallery with lots of good quality picture of all levels of vaulting: from 1st time beginners though elite. If you have a picture you can share (you own the copyright or have permission to share it) please email it to [email protected] for consideration to be included. We regret that we can't include all of the pictures we receive, but the more you send us the better chance we can find something to help balance our display for first time visitors. Thank you in advance for your help with this!