2015 AEVA & SEVA Provincial Championships

Individual Walk D Under 10 - Group 2

Compulsories Round 1

NameClubHorse 1st GoLunger 1st Go1st Go Status1st Go ScoreRank
Callie LutzSpruce ValleyBella (64)Rebecca MarlandCompleted5.6881
Irelynn GodlontonSpruce ValleyBella (64)Rebecca MarlandCompleted5.2632
Kate HansenOver the TopBuck (51)Paula WoodhouseCompleted5.1133
Shelby PeacockLiving SkiesBuck (51)Paula WoodhouseCompleted5.0754
Cassidy KellyRazzle DazzleTiny Tonto (63)Diane BoydCompleted5.0635
Kora KuechlerRazzle DazzleTiny Tonto (63)Diane BoydCompleted5.0386
Aria MushensOver the TopBuck (51)Paula WoodhouseCompleted4.8637

Freestyle Round 1

NameClubHorse 2nd GoLunger 2nd Go2nd Go Status2nd Go ScoreRank
Callie LutzSpruce ValleyBella (64)Rebecca MarlandCompleted5.9561
Cassidy KellyRazzle DazzleTiny Tonto (63)Diane BoydCompleted5.7012
Irelynn GodlontonSpruce ValleyBella (64)Rebecca MarlandCompleted5.5193
Kora KuechlerRazzle DazzleTiny Tonto (63)Diane BoydCompleted5.4884
Kate HansenOver the TopBuck (51)Paula WoodhouseCompleted5.3095
Shelby PeacockLiving SkiesBuck (51)Paula WoodhouseCompleted4.7406
Aria MushensOver the TopBuck (51)Paula WoodhouseCompleted4.4567

Round One

NameClubRound 1Rank
Callie LutzSpruce Valley5.8221
Irelynn GodlontonSpruce Valley5.3912
Cassidy KellyRazzle Dazzle5.3823
Kora KuechlerRazzle Dazzle5.2634
Kate HansenOver the Top5.2115
Shelby PeacockLiving Skies4.9086
Aria MushensOver the Top4.6607