2017 AEVA/SEVA Provincial Championships

Trot D


NameClubHorse 1st GoLunger 1st Go1st Go Status1st Go ScoreRank
ShayAnn RangenSpruce ValleyEl Cid (69)Amber CallanCompleted5.7251
Mya ViczkoOver the TopBuck (57)Romany PintoCompleted5.2752
Irelynn GodlontonSpruce ValleyEl Cid (69)Amber CallanCompleted5.2003
Andrea HunterDiamond WillowDiamond Sysco (55)Diane BoydCompleted4.8254
Miriam GriffithsWestwindCallando (76)Todd GriffithsCompleted4.7255
Kate HansenOver the TopBuck (57)Romany PintoCompleted4.6886
Jenna ChapmanSunshineKing Disco Nellie (72)Charlene ChapmanCompleted3.3007

Freestyle Round 1

NameClubHorse 2nd GoLunger 2nd Go2nd Go Status2nd Go ScoreRank
ShayAnn RangenSpruce ValleyEl Cid (69)Amber CallanCompleted6.8911
Irelynn GodlontonSpruce ValleyEl Cid (69)Amber CallanCompleted6.1152
Andrea HunterDiamond WillowDiamond Sysco (55)Diane BoydCompleted5.8003
Kate HansenOver the TopBuck (57)Romany PintoCompleted5.7984
Miriam GriffithsWestwindCallando (76)Todd GriffithsCompleted5.5105
Mya ViczkoOver the TopBuck (57)Romany PintoCompleted5.3646
Jenna ChapmanSunshineKing Disco Nellie (72)Charlene ChapmanCompleted4.8757

Round One

NameClubRound 1Rank
ShayAnn RangenSpruce Valley6.3081
Irelynn GodlontonSpruce Valley5.6582
Mya ViczkoOver the Top5.3203
Andrea HunterDiamond Willow5.3134
Kate HansenOver the Top5.2435
Miriam GriffithsWestwind5.1186
Jenna ChapmanSunshine4.0887