2018 AEVA Provincial Championships

Walk B


NameClubHorse 1st GoLunger 1st Go1st Go Status1st Go ScoreRank
Jacynda RowMeadow CreekShe's All That (63)Angelique VickCompleted6.6611
Poppy BillinghurstHigh KickThor (67)Christine AxaniCompleted6.6112
Gracie GriffithsWestwindAndante (78)Todd GriffithsCompleted6.5543
Kylie SargentChinookSpice (58)Carolyn LatimerCompleted6.4184
Ruby van den BoschMeadow CreekShe's All That (63)Angelique VickCompleted6.3825
Ana PedersenHigh KickThor (67)Christine AxaniCompleted5.9896
Irelynn GodlontonSpruce ValleyEl Cid (75)Amber CallanCompleted5.9147
Cassidy KellyRazzle DazzleTiny Tonto (72)Lisa FisherCompleted5.6688
Avrie RoseChinookSpice (58)Carolyn LatimerCompleted5.5939

Freestyle Round 1

NameClubHorse 2nd GoLunger 2nd Go2nd Go Status2nd Go ScoreRank
Jacynda RowMeadow CreekShe's All That (63)Angelique VickCompleted6.7401
Kylie SargentChinookSpice (58)Carolyn LatimerCompleted6.5782
Ana PedersenHigh KickThor (67)Christine AxaniCompleted6.5043
Ruby van den BoschMeadow CreekShe's All That (63)Angelique VickCompleted6.4864
Poppy BillinghurstHigh KickThor (67)Christine AxaniCompleted6.4455
Irelynn GodlontonSpruce ValleyEl Cid (75)Amber CallanCompleted6.1996
Cassidy KellyRazzle DazzleTiny Tonto (72)Lisa FisherCompleted6.0937
Avrie RoseChinookSpice (58)Carolyn LatimerCompleted6.0698
Gracie GriffithsWestwindAndante (78)Todd GriffithsCompleted5.9389

Round One

NameClubRound 1Rank
Jacynda RowMeadow Creek6.7011
Poppy BillinghurstHigh Kick6.5282
Kylie SargentChinook6.4983
Ruby van den BoschMeadow Creek6.4344
Ana PedersenHigh Kick6.2475
Gracie GriffithsWestwind6.2466
Irelynn GodlontonSpruce Valley6.0577
Cassidy KellyRazzle Dazzle5.8818
Avrie RoseChinook5.8319