2018 AEVA Provincial Championships

Pairs Walk B


NameClubHorse 1st GoLunger 1st Go1st Go Status1st Go ScoreRank
Baylee & TrinityMeadow CreekRegards From Me (61)Angelique VickCompleted6.4931
Roseanna & EmilyMeadow CreekRegards From Me (61)Angelique VickCompleted6.4232
Ruby & JacyndaMeadow CreekRegards From Me (61)Angelique VickCompleted6.1613
Aubrey & RubyWestwindAndante (78)Todd GriffithsCompleted5.3414
Leah & AlexisWestwindAndante (78)Todd GriffithsCompleted5.0045


NameClubHorse 2nd GoLunger 2nd Go2nd Go Status2nd Go ScoreRank
Baylee & TrinityMeadow CreekShe's All That (63)Angelique VickCompleted6.6001
Ruby & JacyndaMeadow CreekShe's All That (63)Angelique VickCompleted6.2412
Roseanna & EmilyMeadow CreekShe's All That (63)Angelique VickCompleted6.2203
Aubrey & RubyWestwindCallando (79)Jewelene MillerCompleted5.5584
Leah & AlexisWestwindCallando (79)Jewelene MillerCompleted4.6795

Round One

NameClubRound 1Rank
Baylee & TrinityMeadow Creek6.5471
Roseanna & EmilyMeadow Creek6.3222
Ruby & JacyndaMeadow Creek6.2013
Aubrey & RubyWestwind5.4504
Leah & AlexisWestwind4.8425