2018 Harvest Gold Fall Classic

VaultCanada Individual Trot C


NameClubHorse 1st GoLunger 1st Go1st Go Status1st Go ScoreRank
Kate HansenOver the TopDollyKim ReynoldsCompleted5.5821
Jessica ZwaanPrairie LilyTasselPatricia DowlingCompleted4.8542
Mya ViczkoOver the TopBootsKara ViczkoCompleted4.6363

Freestyle Round 1

NameClubHorse 2nd GoLunger 2nd Go2nd Go Status2nd Go ScoreRank
Kate HansenOver the TopDollyKim ReynoldsCompleted7.1441
Mya ViczkoOver the TopBootsKara ViczkoCompleted6.0102
Jessica ZwaanPrairie LilyTasselPatricia DowlingCompleted5.8233

Round One

NameClubRound 1Rank
Kate HansenOver the Top6.3631
Jessica ZwaanPrairie Lily5.3392
Mya ViczkoOver the Top5.3233

Freestyle Round 2

NameClubHorse 3rd GoLunger 3rd Go3rd Go Status3rd Go ScoreRank
Jessica ZwaanPrairie LilyTasselPatricia DowlingCompleted6.2381
Kate HansenOver the TopDollyKim ReynoldsCompleted5.8932
Mya ViczkoOver the TopBootsKara ViczkoIncomplete 3


Kate HansenOver the TopDollyKim Reynolds6.2061
Jessica ZwaanPrairie LilyTasselPatricia Dowling5.6382
Mya ViczkoOver the TopBootsKara Viczko5.3233