October 6, 2018: Octoberfest

Start Time:9:00am
End Time:4:00pm
Location:Three Stirrups Stable, 3980 Boundary Rd. Chilliwack
Introduction:This will be an HCBC sanctioned competition for all levels up to Canter B. Clinic classes will be offered for Divisions A and AA
Contact Name:Alisa Schmidt
Contact Email:[email protected]



Event Manager:
Barbara Schmidt, 8738 Butchart St Chilliwack V2P 5S3
604-793-2639  [email protected]

Colin Schmidt, CAN, National
Veterinarian: Competition veterinarian on call Dr. Kirsten Schwichtenberg 604-997-6761

This competition is sanctioned by Horse Council BC and is a qualifying competition for the 2020 Summer Games in Division C canter.



 Tentative Schedule can be found here:  (subject to change)

Tentative Schedule

All mounted classes will follow the Horse Council BC Rules for Vaulting. Clinic classes will be offered for levels not eligible for competition.

All Individual, Pairs and Team classes will complete one round with separate goes for compulsories and freestyle. 

Barrel freestyle classes will be 1 minute for individual, 90 seconds for doubles, and 3 minutes for team. Barrel classes will be conducted according to the Equestrian Vaulting Association of BC Recommendations for Barrel Classes at Vaulting Events.

Please ensure that each vaulter is eligible for the selected class(es) by referring to the eligibility rules set forth in the BC Vaulting Rules and VaultCanada Competition Guidelines which may be found on the VaultCanada website. If you are unsure about the eligibility of a vaulter for a given class please contact the event organizers.

Cross Entering - We are able to offer cross entering between Walk, Trot and Canter classes at this show as time permits.


Registration fee: vaulters only $20.00

Individual Classes: $25 Each. One round of compulsories and freestyle
Division D, C and B Walk, Trot and Canter
Beginner canter (unrecognized class - D canter compulsories, walk freestyle)
Masters Class (unrecognized class for adult vaulters – vaulter’s choice of Division B walk, trot or canter. Scores only)

Team Classes: $10 per vaulter. One round compulsories and freestyle 
Division B Walk, Trot and Canter
First year Walk (unrecognized class – no more than 2 vaulters have previously entered team).
Combination Team Class (unrecognized class – B canter compulsories and a walk freestyle).

Pairs Classes: $15 per vaulter. One round of compulsories and freestyle. 
Division B Walk, Trot and Canter
First year Walk (unrecognized class – vaulters have not previously competed together)
Combination Pairs (unrecognized class – B canter compulsories and a walk freestyle).

Unrecognized Clinic Classes: Vaulters not eligible for the above classes are invited to perform for the judge and receive comments to assist them in future training. Two goes (for individuals, vaulters choice of compulsories, freestyle and/or Technical test) 
Division A and AA canter individual $25.00
Division A and AA Pairs $15 per vaulter
Division A and AA Team $10 per vaulter

Green Horse: One go $10.00; Two goes $20.00 A training class with comments and suggestions from the judge.

And just for fun … Barrel Classes according to the Equestrian Vaulting Association guidelines for barrel competition in BC.
All barrel classes $10 per vaulter per class. In keeping with the season, all barrel classes are costume classes so have fun … but do adhere to the safety rules concerning costumes …. No loose accessories, props, masks or head coverings.
· FUNdamentals, Individual beginner, intermediate and advanced freestyle
· Beginner, intermediate and advanced pairs freestyle
· Beginner, intermediate and advanced team freestyle
· Family freestyle (3 or more, at least one adult)

Online Registration and entry form will be available at

No paper entries will be accepted, all entries must be submitted online here. One payment per club MUST be received at entry deadline, preferably by etransfer to Alisa Schmidt at [email protected]

Cheques are also acceptable and must be received by September 15, payable to ... 

Freedom Acrobatics,

7175 Elwood St

Chilliwack, BC V2R 1G8

There will be NO refunds of competition entry fees without a doctor’s note for either withdrawal from the competition or cancellation of entry after the entry close date

Liability Waiver forms (and a Person Responsible form for each club) must be completed online on this website. If a correctly filled out and signed waiver has not been received the vaulter will be scratched. Liability waivers and Person Responsible forms will be available on this site after entries open and must be completed by October 1, 2018 

Memberships & Licenses
Canadian vaulters and lungers must be members of their provincial sports organization and provincial vaulting association except for vaulters (and lungers) entered only in FUNdamentals, Walk D under 10 and/or barrel classes. Membership numbers must be submitted with your entries. Any vaulter who does not have the correct memberships by the Deadline will be scratched.

Music must be submitted according to the EVA Standards for Submitted Music available elsewhere on this website. Although vocal music is permitted in all classes, this competition is a family-oriented event. All vaulters and coaches should ensure that music selections are appropriate for an all-ages audience. The music upload on this website will be available once entries close.

Horses & Stabling
A limited number of day stalls are available. $25

Note: Horse owners or the person responsible must provide proof of an equine influenza vaccination within 12 months (and at least 7 days prior) to this competition. Proof of vaccination may be submitted at the coach check-in or emailed in advance to the Manager at [email protected]