Clubs in Alberta (AEVA)

All clubs listed on this page are official and current member clubs of the AEVA and have at least one certified Trainer/Coach.

Cardston - Westwind Vaulters

Please contact Jewelene Miller at 1-403-915-8836, [email protected] 

Cochrane - High Kick Vaulters

Please contact Christine Axani at 1-403-816-8979, [email protected] 

Eagle Hill Area - Diamond Willow Vaulting Club

Please contact Brooke Boyd at 1-403-586-1615, [email protected] or Diane Boyd at 1-403-507-3512, [email protected] 

Olds - Meadow Creek Vaulting Club

Please contact Jeanine van der Sluijs at 1-403-559-9937, [email protected] or visit 

Red Deer County - Chinook Vaulters

Please contact Carolyn Latimer at 1-403-304-2138 [email protected]

Rocky Mountain House - Spruce Valley Vaulters

Please contact Becky Marland at 1-403-845-5311, [email protected] 

Sundre - Razzle Dazzle Vaulting Club

Please contact Lisa Fisher at 1-403-559-6914, [email protected]