Competition Results

2010 VoNW Spring Fest

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NameNumber of JudgesNumber of GoesEntries in ClassGo1s CompletedGo2s CompletedGo3s CompletedGo4s Completed
1st Year Barrel Freestyle111010   
A Team12111  
Advanced Barrel Freestyle1133   
Advanced Barrel Pairs1111   
B Team12111  
Badge / Medal Test Time11120   
Beginner Barrel Freestyle111313   
Beginner Barrel Pairs1133   
Bronze Individual1310101010 
Bronze Individual Men132222 
C Team12111  
Copper Individual12888  
Copper Individual Men12111  
Costume Barrel Pairs/Team1155   
EVA Canter D - Women12333  
EVA Trot B12444  
EVA Walk B12111  
EVA Walk C12111  
EVA Walk D12111  
EVABC Individual Canter B - Women12222  
Family Barrel Pairs1111   
Gamblers Choice1122   
Gold Individual1433333
Indv. Costume Barrel Freestyle1133   
Intermediate Barrel Freestyle111313   
Intermediate Barrel Pairs1111   
Mighty Munchkins12330  
Prelim Canter 2-Phase Team12111  
Prelim Pas de Deux1111   
Preliminary Technical Test, Canter1111   
Shannon Class111515   
Silver Individual1455555
Silver Individual - Men1411111
Trot 2-Phase Team12111  
Trot Individual12111111  
Trot Individual Men12111  
Trot Team12111  
VoNW Prelim Trot Individual12151515  
VoNW Prelim Trot Individual Men12333  
VoNW Trot Pairs1122   
VoNW Walk, Youth (under 18)12333