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Job IDArenaJudgeDayStart TimeEnd TimeClub Credit

Announcer: Announce Competitors at Run In, Each Vaulter at Approach, General Announcements

105552A FridayStart5:00 pm1
105555A Saturday1:00 pmEnd1
105554A SaturdayStart1:00 pm1
105557A Sunday11:00 amEnd1
105556A SundayStart11:00 am1

Data Entry - Computer: Enter Scores into Computer, Confirm with Scribe

105577A Friday5:00 PMEnd1
105578A Friday5:00 PMEnd1
105579A Friday5:00 PMEnd1
105572A FridayStart5:00 PM1
105573A FridayStart5:00 PM1
105574A FridayStart5:00 PM1
105575A FridayStart5:00 PM1
105586A Saturday1:00 PMEnd1
105587A Saturday1:00 PMEnd1
105588A Saturday1:00 PMEnd1
105580A SaturdayStart1:00 pm1
105581A SaturdayStart1:00 PM1
105582A SaturdayStart1:00 PM1
105583A SaturdayStart1:00 PM1
105666A Sunday11:00 amEnd1
105667A Sunday11:00 amEnd1
105668A Sunday11:00 amEnd1
105589A SundayStart11:00 am1
105663A SundayStart11:00 am1
105664A SundayStart11:00 am1
105665A SundayStart11:00 am1

First-Aid Attendant - Must have first aid certificate, or medical personel (eg,nurse): Must remain by arena and available for entire shift

105670A Friday5:00pmEnd1
105669A FridayStart5:00pm1
105672A Saturday1:00pmEnd1
105671A SaturdayStart1:00pm1
105674A Sunday11:00 amEnd1
105673A SundayStart11:00am1
105591A ThursdayStart of Warm upEnd1

Music - Organize and play:

105679A Friday5:00 pmEnd1
105597A FridayStart5:00 pm1
105675A FridayStart5:00 pm1
105680A Saturday1:00 pmEnd1
105681A Saturday1:00 pmEnd1
105676A SaturdayStart1:00 pm1
105677A SaturdayStart1:00 pm1
105683A Sunday11:00 amEnd1
105684A Sunday11:00 amEnd1
105685A SundayStart11:00 am1

Officials Hospitality: Supervise Hospitality Room , Drive Officials, get lunches

105686  FridayStartEnd2
105688  SundayStartEnd2

Ring Crew: Pick up manure as immediately as possible, rake circle as needed

105626A FridayStart5:00 pm1
105629A SaturdayStart1:00pm1
105630A SaturdayStart1:00pm1
105623A Sunday11:00 amEnd1
105689A Sunday11:00 amEnd1
105634A SundayStart11:00 am1

Videographer: Record each horse test as per detailed instructions, some minor experience recording vaulting video preferred

105660A Friday5:00pmEnd1
105659A FridayStart5:00pm1
105662A Saturday1:00pmEnd1
105661A SaturdayStart1:00pm1
105658A SundayStartEnd1

Whipper-in Gate CVI: check ID and control access to arena during CVI

105701A Friday5:00 pmEnd1
105699A FridayStart5:00 pm1
105702A FridayStart5:00 pm1
105619A Saturday1:00 pmEnd1
105703A Saturday1:00 pmEnd1
105704A SaturdayStart1:00 pm1
105614A SundayStartEnd1
105705A SundayStartEnd1