About Vaulting

Kayden Side PressVaulting is the performance of gymnastic and dance-like movements to music on a moving horse.

The horse walks, trots, or canters on a circle, guided by a lunger who communicates with the horse using a lunge line and lunging whip. The horse's tack includes a large back pad, a surcingle pad, and a surcingle, which has two handles and two cossack loops that aid the vaulters in performing a variety of exercises.

Vaulters begin working in walk and progress, with training from a qualified instructor, to be able to perform exercises in the trot, and eventually the canter. Vaulters develop skills and strength that allow them to work in harmony with their equine partners. 



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About Vaulting Competitions

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Helmets and Vaulting

It is widely known that helmets should not be used when vaulting, but less widely understood why. This page introduces the basics, while our Fall g-Force Calculator page goes into all the details, provides a tool to help assess the level of risk, and states the Risk Management Guidelines for Vaulting.