2019 BC Provincial Vaulting Championships
Congratulations to all competitors and to our new BC Provincial Champions!

Division AA

Pairs Champions - Jess Bentzen and Alex Balance, West Coast Vaulters 


Division A

Women's Champion - Pearl Holmquist, West Coast Vaulters

Pairs Champions - Vanessa Schroeder and Korynn Weber, West Coast Vaulters


Division B Canter 

Senior Women's Champion - Elizabeth Gregory, West Coast Vaulters

Junior Women’s Champion - Samantha Kennedy, Freedom Acrobatics 

Reserve - Railey Bird, Freedom Acrobatics 

Pairs Champions - Samantha Kennedy and Railey Bird, Freedom Acrobatics


Division B Trot

Individual Champion - Neve Hamilton, Koot-Neigh Vaulters

Trot Team Champions - “Coca Cola” Freedom Acrobatics


Division B Walk

Individual Champion - Elle Settle, Triple M Vaulter

Reserve - Aisling Cook, Kootneigh-Neigh Vaulters

Walk Pairs Champions - Emma Donnegan and Emma Mindel, Freedom Acrobatics

Walk Team Champions - Koot-Neigh Vaulters 


Zone Champions 

Zone 1 (Kootneys)

Champion - Julia Markin-Hellekson, Koot-Neigh Vaulters

Reserve - Elise Southam, Koot-Neigh Vaulters 


Zone 3 (Fraser Valley) 

Champion - Emma Donegen, Freedom Acrobatics

Reserve - Emma Mindel, Freedom Acrobatics


Zone 5 (Vancouver Coastal)

Champion - Lenya Dowler, Triple M Vaulters


Zone 6 (Vancouver Island)

Champion - Alice Jones, Manestream Vaulters

Reserve - Maya Cardinal, Manestream Vaulters


Horse Awards

Individual Canter Horse - Sullivan, Koot-Neigh Vaulter

Canter Team/Pairs Horse - Kingston, Westcoast Vaulters

Trot Horse - Cyrus, Freedom Acrobatics

Walk Horse - Zeus, Triple M Vaulters