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2011 AEVA Spring Fest

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NameNumber of JudgesNumber of GoesEntries in ClassGo1s CompletedGo2s CompletedGo3s CompletedGo4s Completed
Green Horse12500  
Individual Barrel Custume1111   
Individual Barrel Demo1133   
Individual Barrel Level I1111   
Individual Barrel Level II1122   
Individual Barrel Level III1144   
Individual Barrel Level IV111212   
Individual Barrel Level V1177   
Individual Barrel Music Improvisation111111   
Individual Canter A1422222
Individual Canter AA1411111
Individual Canter B1433333
Individual Canter C1444444
Individual Canter D1444444
Individual Trot C12111  
Individual Trot D12777  
Individual Walk Demo1130   
Individual Walk B12333  
Individual Walk C12171717  
Individual Walk D12777  
Medal Test- Novice1110   
Pair Walk1111   
Pairs Barrel Advanced1110   
Pairs Barrel Costume1122   
Pairs Barrel Intermediate1111   
Pairs Barrel- Beginner1144   
Team Barrel Advanced1111   
Team Barrel Costume1111   
Team Barrel Intermediate1111   
Team Walk12111