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2017 Canadian National Vaulting Championships

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NameNumber of JudgesNumber of GoesEntries in ClassGo1s CompletedGo2s CompletedGo3s CompletedGo4s Completed
Canter AA Team Clinic Class12111  
EVABC Barrel Individual Beginner111010   
EVABC Barrel Individual Costume1111   
EVABC Barrel Individual Intermediate111412   
EVABC Barrel Pairs Advanced1133   
EVABC Barrel Pairs Beginner1122   
EVABC Barrel Pairs Intermediate1133   
EVABC Barrel Team Beginner1111   
EVABC Green Horse1110   
Vault Canada Beginner Canter12333  
VaultCanada Canter A Junior Women1444444
VaultCanada Canter B Junior - Women1477777
VaultCanada Individual Canter A Senior - Women1455555
VaultCanada Individual Canter AA - Men - Senior Selection Division1422222
VaultCanada Individual Canter AA - Women - Senior Selection Division1443333
VaultCanada Individual Canter B Senior - Women1455555
VaultCanada Individual Canter C - Women141010999
VaultCanada Individual Canter D - Women141111111111
VaultCanada Individual Trot B12444  
VaultCanada Individual Trot C12444  
VaultCanada Individual Walk B12777  
VaultCanada Individual Walk C12111110  
VaultCanada Individual Walk D12332  
VaultCanada Individual Walk FUNdamentals12111  
VaultCanada Pairs Canter AA - Senior PDD Selection Division12111  
VaultCanada Pairs Trot B12111  
VaultCanada Pairs Walk B12444  
VaultCanada Team Canter AA - Senior Squad Selection Division131111 
VaultCanada Team Canter B12111  
VaultCanada Team Trot B12111  
VaultCanada Team Walk B12222  
VaultCanada Trot B Pairs 212111  
VaultCanada Walk D under 1012333