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2018 AEVA Jump Into June

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NameNumber of JudgesNumber of GoesEntries in ClassGo1s CompletedGo2s CompletedGo3s CompletedGo4s Completed
Barrel Fundamentals1122   
Barrel Individual Barrel 31144   
Barrel Individual Level 4 - age 10 and under1199   
Barrel Individual Level 4 - age 11 and older1166   
Barrel Individual Level 5 - Ages 10 and under1133   
Barrel Individual Music Improve1188   
Barrel Pairs Beginner1111   
Barrel Pairs Intermediate1122   
Barrel Team Beginner1111   
Canter A Women1422222
Canter B Women1422222
Canter C Women1499999
Canter D Women1422222
Canter Women's Beginner1422222
Green Horse Friday1154   
Green Horse Saturday1155   
Green Horse Sunday1111   
Pairs Canter C Beginner12111  
Pairs Walk B12111  
Team Trot B131110 
Trot B12111  
Trot C12777  
Trot D12444  
Walk B12888  
Walk C - Age 10 and older12666  
Walk C - Age 9 and under12888  
Walk D Under 1012333  
Walk Fundamentals12222