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2022 Canada Cup CVI and Future Champions

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NameNumber of JudgesNumber of GoesEntries in ClassGo1s CompletedGo2s CompletedGo3s CompletedGo4s Completed
Barrel - Ind. Advanced111111   
Barrel - Ind. Beginner112929   
Barrel - Ind. FUNdamentals1122   
Barrel - Ind. Intermediate112222   
Barrel Pairs - Advanced1122   
Barrel Pairs - Beginner1155   
Barrel Pairs - Intermediate1133   
Barrel Pairs FUNdamentals1111   
Barrel Team - Beginner1111   
CVI 1 * Junior Women4211PDF Only   
CVI 1* Children Woman422PDF Only   
CVI 1* Senior Woman428PDF Only   
CVI 2* Children Woman422PDF Only   
CVI 2* Junior Men431PDF Only   
CVI 2* Junior Woman438PDF Only   
CVI 2* Senior Women433PDF Only   
CVI 3* Senior Men433PDF Only   
CVI 3* Senior Woman433PDF Only   
Individual Beginner Canter (D canter/B walk)12111111  
Individual Canter - Division B12131313  
Individual Canter - Division C12111111  
Individual Canter - Division D12555  
Individual Trot - Division B12222  
Individual Trot - Division C12999  
Individual Trot - Division D1211117  
Individual Walk - Division B12121211  
Individual Walk - Division C12242424  
Individual Walk - Division D12161616  
Individual Walk - FUNdamentals12222  
Individual Walk D modified12111  
Master Class - Division B (any gait)12111  
Pairs - 1st year (B walk)12111  
Pairs - Canter Division B12111  
Pairs - Walk Division B12555  
Team - 1st year (B Walk)12111  
Team - Canter Division B12111  
Team - Walk Division B12111