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2022 BC Provincials and CVI Chilliwack

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NameNumber of JudgesNumber of GoesEntries in ClassGo1s CompletedGo2s CompletedGo3s CompletedGo4s Completed
1* second freestyle for Provincials137770 
Beginner Canter Inidvidual12151515  
Beginner Pairs (B comps)12444  
Children 2* second freestyle for provincials131110 
CVI 1 * Junior Women428PDF Only   
CVI 1* Children422PDF Only   
CVI 1* PDD Junior422PDF Only   
CVI 1* Senior Men421PDF Only   
CVI 1* Senior Woman424PDF Only   
CVI 2* Children422PDF Only   
CVI 2* Junior Men431PDF Only   
CVI 2* Junior Woman4310PDF Only   
CVI 2* PDD Junior421PDF Only   
CVI 2* Senior Woman431PDF Only   
CVI 2* Squad Junior431PDF Only   
CVI 2* Youth432PDF Only   
EVABC Barrel Individual Advanced1177   
EVABC Barrel Individual Beginner112828   
EVABC Barrel Individual FUNdamentals1122   
EVABC Barrel Individual Intermediate112424   
EVABC Barrel Pairs Advanced1122   
EVABC Barrel Pairs Beginner1177   
EVABC Barrel Pairs FUNdamentals1111   
EVABC Barrel Pairs Intermediate1199   
EVABC Barrel Team Beginner1122   
EVABC Barrel Team Intermediate1111   
EVABC Green Horse Friday1150   
EVABC Green Horse Saturday1150   
EVABC Green Horse Sunday1120   
Modified Trot D12222  
VaultCanada Individual Canter AA - Men Championship131111 
VaultCanada Individual Canter AA - Women Championship131111 
VaultCanada Individual Canter B - Women Championship1310101010 
VaultCanada Individual Canter C137777 
VaultCanada Individual Canter D1312121212 
VaultCanada Individual Trot B Championship12444  
VaultCanada Individual Trot C12555  
VaultCanada Individual Trot D12555  
VaultCanada Individual Walk B Championship12666  
VaultCanada Individual Walk C12191919  
VaultCanada Individual Walk D12171717  
VaultCanada Individual Walk FUNdamentals12666  
VaultCanada Masters Class - Division B12222  
VaultCanada Masters Class - Division D12555  
VaultCanada Pairs Canter A Championship12222  
VaultCanada Pairs Trot B Championship12222  
VaultCanada Pairs Walk B Championship12222  
VaultCanada Team - Beginner Walk12111  
VaultCanada Team - Combination (Canter/Walk)12111  
VaultCanada Team Walk B Championship12111