2022 Competition Rules and Resources

This page contains information about, and downloads for, National, Provincial, and FEI rules plus the Guidelines for both barrel competitions and other unrecognized classes that may be offered in Canadian competitions. Also included are links to the FEI Guidelines and Code of Points.

National Rules

The 2022 Equestrian Canada Vaulting Rules can be downloaded here. Both Section A (General) and Section L (Vaulting) apply to EC Vaulting Competition. Equestrian Canada Rules

2021 Competition Policies are available for download here. These policies, referred to in the National Rules, offer direction to Officials and Competition Management concerning Eligibility Criteria, Division D freestyles, provisions for vaulters with a physical disability and Championships.

Note that the National Rules reference aspects of the FEI Guidelines for Judges and the FEI Code of Points, found below. Canadian specific Notices regarding the FEI Guidelines should also be reviewed.

Judging Codes - In case you are wondering about those mysterious abbreviations on your scoresheets, here's what they mean.

Provincial Rules

Provincial competitions include all levels form Walk D to Canter AA.

The most recent EVABC / HCBC Provincial Rules are available for download here.   

Note that the Provincial Rules reference aspects of the National Rules and the VaultCanada Eligibility Criteria, found above, and also the FEI Guidelines for Judges and the FEI Code of Points, found below.

FEI Rules

The FEI Rules, Guidelines for Judges, Code of Points, and Qualification Criteria are available here on the FEI website.

Recommendations for Barrel Classes

Vaulting organizations in Canada fundamentally believe that vaulting is an equestrian sport, and that the competitors (i.e. the horse, lunger, and vaulter) work as a team during training and competition. In other words, the horse is not a simple “apparatus” such as a balance beam in gymnastics, but is as integral to the sport as the vaulter – the essence of vaulting is the harmony that exists between the horse and the vaulter. While barrel classes are not recognized in the rules, we believes that the barrel plays an important part in the conditioning and training of vaulters in support of work on the horse. Some provinces have established official recommendations for these non-recognized barrel classes and these can be downloaded here:


Guidelines for Unrecognized Classes

At the discretion of the competition manager, unrecognized classes may be offered to encourage participation by those who are not entering the recognized classes included in our Rule Books. These guidelines are intended to clarify the requirements for the unrecognized classes which may be offered in Canadian competitions.