Videos with Scores by Division

VaultCanada Individual Trot B

Competition NameClubNameOverall
2013 EVABC Provincial ChampionshipsManestream VaultersVanessa Crouse6.193
2014 CVI Canada Cup & Future ChampionsMountainWindShelby Maffei5.935
2014 CVI Canada Cup & Future ChampionsSpruce ValleyCassidy Johannesson6.095
2014 CVI Canada Cup & Future ChampionsKoot-NeighElla Gotzy5.736
2014 CVI Canada Cup & Future ChampionsMountainWindIngrid Watanabe5.100
2014 VaultCanada Nationals & EVABC ProvincialsKoot-NeighElla Gotzy5.470
2014 VaultCanada Nationals & EVABC ProvincialsKoot-NeighIndigo Bowick5.154
2015 Canada Cup CVI and Future ChampionsAbove and BeyondSevanah McNeil5.857
2015 BC Provinicial Vaulting ChampionshipsFusionLayla Robson5.691
2015 BC Provinicial Vaulting ChampionshipsFusionSophia Robson5.495
2016 AEVA Spring into SummerWestwindJaz Hilderman6.584
2016 AEVA SEVA Provincial ChampionshipsWestwindBrooklyn Shields5.110
2016 AEVA SEVA Provincial ChampionshipsSpruce ValleyRhealee Humphrey5.705
2016 AEVA SEVA Provincial ChampionshipsKoot-NeighCloe Comstock0.000
2017 AEVA Spring into SummerHigh KickMegan Leeper5.422
2017 AEVA Spring into SummerSpruce ValleyPaige Yustack5.763
2017 AEVA/SEVA Provincial ChampionshipsSpruce ValleyCallie Lutz5.828
2017 AEVA/SEVA Provincial ChampionshipsSpruce ValleyPaige Yustack6.198
2017 AEVA/SEVA Provincial ChampionshipsWestwindMalachi Conrad5.566
2017 AEVA/SEVA Provincial ChampionshipsWestwindSavannah Brecht5.542
2018 Canadian Nationals and WEG QualifierSpruce ValleyCallie Lutz6.117
2018 Canadian Nationals and WEG QualifierKoot-NeighJulia Markin-Hellekson5.911
2018 Canadian Nationals and WEG QualifierWestwindMaria Wright5.310
2018 AEVA Provincial ChampionshipsSpruce ValleyCallie Lutz6.258
2018 AEVA Provincial ChampionshipsWestwindMaria Wright5.972
2019 MCVC's Swing into SpringRazzle DazzleCassidy Kelly5.269
2019 AEVA Provincial ChampionshipsSpruce ValleyIrelynn Godlonton6.192
2019 AEVA Provincial ChampionshipsRazzle DazzleCassidy Kelly5.360
2022 AEVA Provincial Championships/Canadian NationalsNation ValleyMiriam Miksa5.334