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2018 AEVA Provincial Championships

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NameNumber of JudgesNumber of GoesEntries in ClassGo1s CompletedGo2s CompletedGo3s CompletedGo4s Completed
Barrel - Music Improvisation1111   
Barrel Fundamentals1122   
Barrel Level 11111   
Barrel Level 21111   
Barrel Level 31155   
Barrel Level 4 - Age 10 and under1144   
Barrel Level 4 - Age 11 and older1133   
Barrel Level 51111   
Barrel Pairs Beginner1133   
Barrel Pairs Intermediate1144   
Canter A Junior Women1411111
Canter A Women's Senior1422222
Canter AA Men1411111
Canter AA Women1433333
Canter B Women Junior1455555
Canter B Women Senior1411111
Canter Beginner1422222
Canter C Women141313131313
Canter D Women1455555
Green Horse - Friday1144   
Green Horse - Saturday1133   
Green Horse - Sunday #11111   
Greenhorse Sunday - 21111   
Pairs Canter C Beginner12111  
Pairs Walk B12555  
Team Walk B132222 
Trot B Womens12333  
Trot C12777  
Trot D12555  
Walk B12999  
Walk C - 10 and under12555  
Walk C - 11 and older12777  
Walk D - Under 1012111  
Walk Fundamentals12222